Draughts are what I believe Americans call checkers.

This project came about when I had been buying fischertechnik bits on eBay, and fancied building something with a conveyor belt.

The selected controller was a Picaxe-18X - because I'm familiar with it, it's easy to use and program and, most importantly, I happened to have one lying around. (They're also quite inexpensive.)

There were a couple of revisions as the project developed - the end result is shown in the video. Draughts move down the chute onto a platform underneath a reflective IR sensor. The system distinguishes between black, white and red (the colour of the platform). A draught is pushed down a ramp onto the conveyor, allowed to move the appropriate distance according to its colour, then pushed off into the appropriate box. When there is no draught on the platform the belt motor is switched off.