This is my Boe-Bot. I'd long fancied one of these - I like the concept and the rugged aluminium chassis with plenty of fixing points for add-ons, the breadboard development area, and I'd never got round to building anything using servos as motors. I was very pleased when I picked this one up on eBay, unused, at a good price.

I built it up and worked through the testing and calibrating exercises in the very detailed handbook.

There are various things I'd like to do with it, but I wasn't too keen on the Basic Stamp controller. While I was working out the circuit board to Picaxe-ify my Hex Avoider it crossed my mind that I could do something similar with the Boe-Bot. The plan is to replace the whole circuit board, not just the Stamp, with a new pcb following the general philosophy of the original but carrying a Picaxe-28X2 Module as its controller.

For the moment, a provisional pcb design is as far this project has got: